Top 5 Best Cat Foods - 2021 Buyer’s Guide for Cat Owners

Just like you, your feline friend needs to eat a well-balanced diet to ensure that they live a long and healthy life. This is why choosing the best cat food possible for them is so important.

But with such a wide array of cat foods now available choosing the right one for your furry friend can prove difficult. So in order to help you, we take a look at some cat foods that we feel are the best now available for you to feed your feline buddy.

We also offer some advice on certain things for you to consider when it comes to selecting a cat food that is appropriate for your pet. 

Things To Consider When Choosing A Cat Food 

1. Does It Contain The Necessary Nutrients Your Cat Needs

    The first thing to remember is that your cat is a carnivore. This means they need food that contains nutrients only to be found in animal products. Also, your furry little ball of fun has developed as a hunter and so they enjoy eating food that contains lots of protein, only small amounts of fat, and very few carbs.

    Along with fat, protein, and carbs, your cat also needs a healthy amount of other nutrients as well. The main ones being vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids. If you choose the right kind of food for your cat, you’ll end up providing them with the right balance of these in their diet.

    Not only will they enjoy what you are providing them with, but will help to ensure that they stay fit and healthy.

    2. What Type Of Food Should You Feed Your Cat

      These days you have a choice of dry, canned, or semi-moist foods to select from. But they all differ in relation to how much water, protein, and calories they contain. They also differ in how much cats love them and how easily they will find them to digest.

      Of the three options, you have dry cat food is the least expensive and is easy to store. But your cat may not find it as palatable as canned or semi-moist food because of the quality ingredients used in it. They may also find it a lot harder to digest. If you do decide to feed your cat dry food, make sure that they have a good supply of fresh water at all times.

      As for semi-moist food, this will contain more moisture than dry food. This food tends to cost more than dry food. But unlike dry food once opened you will need to store any leftover in the fridge to prevent it from drying out or in fact becoming rancid.

      When it comes to cat food with an extensive amount of moisture in it, then that which comes in cans is an excellent choice. On average, you will find that these foods contain around 75% moisture, providing your cat with a wonderful source of water. However, this food is the most expensive you can buy but is one that most cats find very enjoyable to eat.

      Just like semi-moist cat food once the can has been opened it needs to be stored properly in the refrigerator. This will help to keep it in excellent condition as well as prevent it from going off.

      Other Things To Consider 

      Be aware that some cats can be quite picky when it comes to not only what they eat but also where their food gets placed. Avoid leaving their food in a place where there is lots of traffic and noise. Also keep their food away from any other animals. Furthermore, it is important to clean their feed bowls regularly as well as keep them at a distance from their litter tray.

      You also need to read the instructions on the packaging about how much you should feed your cat. This will ensure that they maintain a healthy weight at all times. If your cat eats too much or not enough, this can lead to health issues for them in the future.

      Also, if you want to prevent your cat from becoming a picky eater, it is a good idea to provide them with different flavoured foods.

      Choosing A Food For Your Cat

      As already mentioned, they have developed all cat foods to provide your fur ball with the right balance of nutrients and calories that they need. Before selecting any food, it is a good idea to carefully read the nutritional information on each package. 

      Also, you will need to select a food that is suitable for the age of your cat. This is because as cats grow older so their nutritional requirements change. So make sure that the food you choose is suitable in relation to which stage of life your cat is going through. Plus, if you have a female cat that is pregnant or has had kittens you also need to select a food that is suitable for them.

      As well as selecting a food suitable for your cats age you need to look carefully at what ingredients it contains. Ideally, you should select foods where the first ingredients listed are meat, seafood, or meat by-products. This clearly shows that these ones will provide your beautiful cat with enough amino and fatty acids that they need.

      Now all you need to do is decide which one your cat is going to prefer eating. You may in fact find that they prefer to eat a combination of two foods rather than just the one. 

      Quick Checklist For Choosing The Best Food For Your Cat

      When it comes to choosing the best food for your cat, there are 3 factors that you need to keep in mind.


      1. Does it contain a high level of protein?

        Make sure that you choose a food for your cat where the first ingredient listed is an animal-based protein. It should be any kind of meat or seafood and not listed as a by-product. 

        2. Is it low in carbohydrates?

          Choose a food that contains ingredients such as sweet potatoes or chickpeas in them. This is because these not only contain fewer calories but your cat will find them easier to digest. They also contain plenty more nutrients than cat food they use corn, rice, soy, or wheat in them.

          3. Does it contain high water content?

            Select food where the moisture levels are high. However, if you are feeding your cat dry food, then make sure as already mentioned that they are provided with plenty of fresh clean water.

            Good Ingredients Cat Food Should Contain

            When you are buying food for your cat, make sure as already discussed that you read through the list of ingredients carefully. You should choose a food for your feline friend that contains the best quality ingredients possible. 

            The key ingredients that an outstanding quality cat food will contain are as follows:

            1. Real Animal Protein

              Look for food that clearly shows where this ingredient has come from. So look for food where they list this ingredient as beef, chicken, eggs, lamb, salmon, sardines, mussels, duck, etc. If you find one that contains organ meats such as liver or heart even better. 

              2. Fruits And Vegetables

                The majority of the carbohydrates in your cat’s food should come from the fruit and vegetables that we eat. So choose ones that contain things like apples, berries, carrots, sweet potatoes, and courgettes.

                3. Contain Good Fats

                  You want food that contains fats that are naturally present in animal protein but can also be supplemented as well. Ideally, choose a food that contains a good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in them.

                  4. Contain Herbs And Marine Plants

                    Finally, choose foods that contain these ingredients in them as they are a wonderful source of minerals and vitamins for your feline friend. The best ones to look for as you go through the ingredients label are dill, thyme, basil, sage, rosemary, and kelp.

                    Ingredients In Cat Food That Need To Be Avoided

                    The kinds of ingredients that we mention here should be avoided if possible as they can lead to unwanted health problems for your cat in the future. As well as being unhealthy they can prove toxic to your pet.  

                    So the kinds of products that you need to be looking for on cat food labels to ensure that you don’t feed them to your pet are as follows:


                    1. Any artificial colours or flavours, especially Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 2, and Caramel colouring
                    2. Any artificial or synthetic preservatives such as BHT, BHA, and Ethoxyquin
                    3. Corn, Wheat, and Soy
                    4. Sugar
                    5. Anything on the label that is listed as being a by-product
                    6. Anything listed as just being meat
                    7. Rendered Fat as it can help with the promotion of mould and bacteria growth
                    8. Carrageenan
                    9. Vitamin 3K
                    10. Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite


                    Here’s a good rule to remember as you look at any cat food ingredient label is to remember if you cannot pronounce it then it isn’t a good ingredient to feed your cat. 

                    It is also a good idea to look for cat food, which contains only a small amount of ingredients in them. Not only does such good contain better quality ingredients, but are going to provide your cat with most of what they need to stay fit and healthy.

                    Hopefully, the above will help you when it comes to deciding which kind of cat food you should be giving your pet now and in the future.

                    Now let’s take a look at what we consider being some of the best cat foods to give your feline friend.

                    Should You Go For Dry Or Wet Cat Food?

                    If you were to ask any cat owner, they would all come back with a different answer as to what you should feed your feline friend. But whatever you decide to go with each of them comes with its own particular benefits and drawbacks.

                    But at the end of the day, which one you decide to go with all boils down to which one you find works best for your cat, dependent on their particular needs.

                    Why Choose Dry Cat Food

                    The principal reason many cat owners choose to feed their pets dry food is the convenience. It can be left out for their pet so they can decide when they choose to eat it.

                    If you are going to go for dry cat food for your feline buddy, then choose one that is made using natural protein such as real chicken meat or pieces of salmon.

                    As well as having a much longer shelf life compared to wet cat food, you’ll also find it tends to cost less. It is also energy-dense which means that your cat will be consuming lots of calories very quickly. Also, dry cat food tends to include a lot more carbohydrates and less protein in it compared to wet food. 

                    Choosing one of the dry cat foods we’ve listed below will help to ensure that you are giving your cat all the nutrients that it needs.

                    Why Choose Wet Cat Food

                    You may find that your vet suggests to you feeding wet cat food. The reason for this is that it contains a lot more water and so will help your cat to stay well hydrated. Also, you’ll find wet dry is made up of a lot more fat and protein, especially animal protein. Whilst also contain fewer carbohydrates in it when you compare it to dry cat food.

                    Also, wet food tends to be the preferred option if the cat suffers from any health issues such as problems with its kidneys. This is because they tend to contain ingredients that can help ease such problems.

                    As well as wet cat food tends to cost more you also need to consider how it has to be stored. Once opened, unless it comes as an individual serving, you will need to keep the rest of the food in the refrigerator. If you don’t cover over the food, then there is a risk that the aroma from the cat’s food will permeate into other foods in your refrigerator.

                    Wet cat food is generally only made using natural ingredients so the risk of your cat suffering an allergic reaction after eating it is reduced. Also, the aroma given off by such food tends to be favoured more by cats.

                    If you would prefer rather than limiting yourself to just feeding your cat only one type of food you give them a mix of both wet and dry food. Not only will you find that your cat enjoys their food more but are less likely to start becoming picky eaters in the future.

                    Best Cat Foods

                    When it comes to you keeping your cat healthy and happy it is best if you pick the highest quality food possible for them to enjoy.

                    With this in mind, we have come up with a list of the best cat foods we feel you should consider. We base this list on a combination of price, ingredients, and customer reviews.

                    Whether your cat prefers dry or wet food, we understand that you want to ensure that your cat stays healthy both now and in the future. This is why we have chosen ones that provide the right levels of protein and nutrition that your cat needs to ensure that optimal health levels are maintained. 

                    Read on to discover just which one fits the needs of your cat best dependent on their age, taste preferences, and activity levels.

                    TOP 5 BEST CAT FOODS [CHECKLIST]

                    PURINA Fancy Feast Cat Food

                    IAMS Perfect Portions Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

                    BLUE BUFFALO Wilderness High Protein Chicken Grain-Free Indoor Dry Cat Food

                    ACANA Wild Atlantic Dry Cat Food

                    WELLNESS Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Canned Cat Food


                    PURINA Fancy Feast Cat Food

                    For nearly 60 years now Purina has been producing some of the best quality cat food you can buy. The reason why this company is so well-liked is that they have invested not only time but also money in helping to produce high-quality food for all our pets. This is because they have a great love for pets as we do. 

                    Also, this is a company that is working to ensure that at all times they provide your feline friend with the best nutrition possible.

                    They have carefully formulated each meal to provide your cat with delicious and tasty food. Every portion contains real meat, poultry, or seafood that has been slowly cooked to make it deliciously tender. Also, the savoury gravy used in these protein-rich foods helps to encourage your cat to eat everything.


                    • Rich In Protein as they make it using real meat, poultry, and seafood
                    • Full of delectable meaty flavours that any cat will love
                    • Your cat will find this food easy to digest
                    • It helps to support stronger and leaner muscles
                    • Is complete and well balanced
                    • Is very easy for your cat to digest and will support their digestive system


                    • Is quite expensive
                    • Too much seafood flavour can prove bad for your cat
                    • You’ll find that if your cat is a picky eater, they may only want to eat one particular flavour

                    Guaranteed Analysis 

                    • Crude Protein                       10.00%
                    • Crude Fat                                5.00%
                    • Crude Fiber                             1.50%
                    • Moisture                                 78.00%


                    IAMS Perfect Portions Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

                    IAMS is a company like so many others that have become popular with pet owners around the world. They have spent years developing a good selection of cat foods to suit felines of all ages.

                    All of IAMS meals are designed to provide your pet with exactly what they needed to help them remain fit and healthy.

                    Looking for suitable food for an adult cat then look no further than this one. Not only does it contain organic chicken but also tuna as well as a wide array of minerals and vitamins that your cat needs. You’ll also find that your cat will find this particular food much easier to digest. 

                    As you can buy it as a 12 pack it proves very good value for money. But don’t worry about having to keep it in the fridge after it has been opened. This is because they’ve packed each serving for your cat individually, especially good if you have a cat who tends to leave a little food over.       


                    • Low in calories
                    • Has high moisture content
                    • Comes in a convenient easy-to-use size so no worry about having to save any messy smelly food
                    • Each meal provides minerals and vitamins to help support your cat’s overall health
                    • Helps with promoting healthy cat weight


                    • Contains some ingredients that may cause allergies in some cats
                    • Is among one of the more expensive cat foods you can buy
                    • Some cats don’t like the taste of this particular cat food
                    • Could lead to your cat developing diarrhea after eating it

                    Guaranteed Analysis

                    • Crude Protein                       9.50%
                    • Crude Fat                              5.00%
                    • Crude Fiber                           1.00%
                    • Moisture                                 78.00%


                    BLUE BUFFALO Wilderness High Protein Chicken Grain-Free Indoor Dry Cat Food

                    This is a company who from the outset promised that they would create the healthiest possible for all our pets. Its team of animal nutritionists and vets carefully select only the finest high-quality ingredients to include in their food.

                    All food is made using only real meat and no by-products are included. Plus, you can be assured that these foods contain no soy, grain, wheat, or artificial flavours or preservatives in them. So you will be assured of knowing that the food you serve your cat is something that they will love.

                    This particular food contains plenty of chicken that your cat will love and help them to build up and maintain lean muscle. Also, it has been specially formulated to meet the particular requirements of any cat that is one that remains indoors. Not only does it help them maintain a healthy weight but also helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

                    In every serving your cat will receive a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will help to provide support to your cat’s immune system.


                    • Contains a high protein content that will help your cat develop leaner and stronger muscles
                    • Is an all-natural formula
                    • Is rich in essential minerals and vitamins your indoor cat’s needs


                    • Expensive
                    • Is only available in chicken flavour
                    • Be aware has a high-calorie count
                    • You may find that your cat doesn’t like this meal
                    • Your cat may need a food that contains a higher moisture level in it compared to this one

                    Guaranteed Analysis

                    • Crude Protein                       38.00%
                    • Crude Fat                              16.00%
                    • Crude Fiber                             6.00%
                    • Moisture                                 9.00%


                    ACANA Wild Atlantic Dry Cat Food

                    Looking for cat food that comes with a variety of different flavours then look no further than those made by ACANA.  They make all of their recipes using 75% quality animal ingredients as well as being full of nutrients and protein that your cat needs. This helps to ensure that your cat is getting everything that your pet needs.

                    If you are looking for cat food that is made up of seafood, then this is the perfect choice for you. Each serving contains whole mackerel, redfish, herring, and silver hake, along with peas, chickpeas, and lentils.  All of which is a rich source of protein for your feline friend.

                    This is also a great food as it contains a lot of organic ingredients that provide additional fiber for your pet. Increased fiber is essential to help to maintain your cat’s digestive system. Such ingredients that help to maintain a healthy digestive system in this food are dried kelp, juniper berries, chicory root, and rosehips. 

                    What you will really love about this particular food is that it contains no artificial colours or preservatives. So the risk of this food causing problems for your cat even ones with allergy issues is very small.


                    • Contains a good amount of naturally sourced protein
                    • Made using only the freshest of fish meats
                    • Contains healthy additives, minerals, and vitamins your cat needs
                    • This is a food that is rich in fiber
                    • No artificial ingredients are used in making this food
                    • Is able to provide your cat with key nutrients that it needs
                    • Matches the natural diet and physiology of your cat so their natural nutritional needs are met
                    • Is a food that even the most discerning of cats will find very palatable 


                    • Has high-calorie content
                    • Is only available in chicken flavour
                    • Is expensive
                    • As it contains quite a lot of vegetables in it some cats may find it hard to digest

                    Guaranteed Analysis

                    • Crude Protein                       35.00%
                    • Crude Fat                              20.00%
                    • Crude Fiber                             4.00%
                    • Moisture                                 10.00%


                    WELLNESS Complete Health Natural Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

                    This is a pet food company that is committed to providing you with food for your cat that is good for their overall wellness. This is a company that is constantly pursuing ways to provide your pet with the best nutrition possible.

                    They prepare all recipes to not only be delicious but also provide your pet with all the healthy things they need. This is why they use only the finest quality natural ingredients possible.

                    You will find that this wet cat food has a delicious texture to it that the majority of cats really seem to like. The inclusion of herring and chicken in the recipe provides great nutrition for your feline friend. As well as a good source of protein, this particular food also contains essential minerals and vitamins that your cat needs.  

                    One ingredient that is beneficial to your cat’s health is taurine. This is an essential protein that all cats require. It also contains flaxseed, which isn’t only rich in fiber but also Omega-3 fatty acids. As well as helping to maintain a healthy digestive system the inclusion of flaxseed helps to provide your pet with a glossy coat.

                    Furthermore, the inclusion of carrots in this food is also a significant source of minerals and fiber for your cat. Also, it contains one of the most powerful antioxidants (beta carotene) that will help to provide them with protection against damaging free radicals.


                    • Contains real meat and protein as its first ingredients
                    • Is free of grain and carrageenan
                    • Has a favourable moisture and protein content
                    • You’ll have no problem with including this into your cat’s daily diet
                    • This moisture-rich food will help to keep your feline friend well hydrated
                    • Is low in carbohydrates and plant ingredients 


                    • May sometimes find fish bones in it
                    • Is expensive compared to other types of wet cat food
                    • Has a strong odor that you may find unpleasant, but your cat will love
                    • Does contain cranberry and carrot which neither are really necessary for your cat’s diet

                    Guaranteed Analysis

                    • Crude Protein                       11.00%
                    • Crude Fat                                5.00%
                    • Crude Fiber                             1.00%
                    • Moisture                                 78.00%


                    Hopefully, the list above will help to make your decision about which one is best to feed your cat a little easier.

                    But What Is The Best Cat Food For Cats? 

                    Remember, every cat is unique and each of the products that we have reviewed here is considered the best in terms of the quality of the ingredients used.

                    You may need to try out several different kinds of cat food before you find one that your cat really enjoys. Also, you may find the following FAQ of assistance when it comes to you deciding just what type of food it is you should be feeding your feline friend.


                    Cat Food FAQs

                    1. Why Buy Cat Food According To My Cats Current Life Stage?

                    Just like us, your cat has different nutritional requirements at different stages of its life. Kittens for example need food that is rich in protein and calories that will provide essential support as they grow and develop.

                    As for mature cats, their food requires fewer calories or contains certain nutrients that will help to prevent weight gain or age-related health issues. Your cat is going to need a food that provides support that will help to reduce the risk of them suffering from kidney or mobility problems as they get older.

                    It is best to avoid cat foods that state for all ages as it could lead to adverse effects. 

                    It may be worth talking to your vet about which food is best to give your mature cat. They will help you with making that all-important informed decision to help keep your cat fit and healthy.


                    1. Is It True My Cat’s Food Should Contain Lots Of Meat?

                    It is important that you do include meat in your cat’s diet. This is because by nature they are predators and are obligate carnivores. Meaning that they are meat-dependent. 

                    Throughout their evolution cats have been used to eating pretty large amounts of meat. It also means that they don’t have the capacity to cope with a diet that doesn’t contain a lot of protein in it. It also means that they are getting the essential nutrients that they need.  

                    Unlike dogs, your cat will need to be provided with some additional nutrients in its diet. The best way of doing this through you, including plenty of meat in their food.


                    1. What Are The Most Important Ingredients In Cat To Help Mine Stay Healthy? 

                    Their food needs to contain a good source of meat or another source of protein. It also needs to provide a good balance between protein, carbohydrates, and fat as well. This is vital to help your cat remain healthy and fit. Ideally, the best source of carbohydrates for your cat is through vegetables and fruit.  

                    Look for a cat food for your feline friend that provides them with a good source of vitamins and minerals as well. The main vitamins and minerals your cat’s food should include in it are Vitamins A, D, and E+C, Omega-3 + 6 Fatty Acids, Calcium, Sodium, and Phosphorus. All of these are essential to help provide support for their skin, eyes, and teeth, and support for their immune system.


                    1. Which Is The Best Natural Wet Cat Food?

                    The best natural wet cat food is one that mirrors freshly caught prey that cats naturally enjoy if they were in the wild. If you were to catch your cat bringing in say a bird to eat, you’ll notice that they won’t actually eat the head or intestines. So you really should only choose wet cat food that contains the best cuts of meat possible in it. They make most wet cat food these days using the same cuts of meat that we as humans enjoy.


                    1. What Food Should I Feed My Cat If It Has Allergies?

                    These days you will find that there is a wide selection of cat foods now available that are specifically designed for those pets with allergies. Often it is ingredients such as wheat and soy that tend to cause allergic reactions in your feline buddy. So ideally you should select a food that contains no grains or wheat in it.


                    1. Will My Cats High Protein Diet Cause Kidney Problems?

                    The answer to this question is NO! Most pets suffering from kidney problems aren’t because their diet contains a lot of cereal protein in it. This is a type of protein that your cat finds hard to digest. This is why you’ll find the best cat foods on the market don’t contain any cereal protein in them whatsoever.


                    1. Will Food Containing Lots Of Protein Lead To Weight Gain?

                    Again you’ll discover rather than your cat putting on weight they actually start to lose some. After a month or so you’ll notice that your cat is looking a lot leaner as they are building up more muscle mass. This helps them to remain more active and so helps to reduce the risk of them putting on weight.


                    1. Is Too Much Fat In My Cat’s Food Bad For Them?

                    The kinds of fats that are included in cat food today are of the kind that won’t cause weight problems. In fact, the inclusion of such fats in your cats diet is essential for the following reasons.


                    1. It provides them with a concentrated source of energy
                    2. It will help them to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A and D
                    3. It provides them with essential fatty acids that are important for them to maintain a healthy skin and coat


                    1. Why Choose A Cat Food That Is Grain Free?

                    Cat food that contains lots of grains such as soy, wheat, rice, or corn also contains a sizable amount of carbohydrates. Cats actually find these kinds of carbohydrates not only difficult to digest but also to metabolise. In turn, high levels of these kinds of carbohydrates can cause your cat’s blood sugar levels to increase. As a result, your cat may become hyperactive as well as putting on weight.

                    Also, such ingredients can cause stress on your cat’s kidneys and liver and could lead to allergies and sensitivities. Whereas all the foods we feature in this article are grain-free and will help to ensure that your cat maintains a healthy weight.

                    Hopefully, this article is able to provide you with sufficient information that will ensure that you choose the best kind of food for your beloved feline friend. You may also find that you can even buy small amounts of the foods that we have recommended initially. This way you can test out several of them before you finally decide just which one is right for your cat. It also means that your cat gets to decide just which of them they prefer the best.

                    It is important to remember at all times when buying any kind of cat food you choose ones that use the most natural of ingredients in them. Any cat food that contains high levels of additives, colourants, or other man-made products in them may cause health issues in your cat later on in life.

                    Also, don’t be afraid to consider combining two different kinds of foods together. A mixture of wet and dry food is likely to not only provide all the necessary nutrients your beautiful feline buddy requires but will help them look and feel good for many years to come.

                    Whatever you choose you know you are going to be giving your cat something that they will enjoy.

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